Juno Beach Restaurants

What's so great about Juno Beach?

Almost everything - the people, the community, the beach and fishing, and of course the great restaurants that we have to choose from.  Having tried almost every restaurant in Juno Beach, I decided to share my perspective on each of them.  I may miss a few on the initial write up, so expect that I will come back for revisions as I discover ones that I have overlooked.

Since we are located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida Seafood will start the list.

Captain Charlie's Reef Grill tops the list of having the best seafood!  It is not uncommon to have longlines at the Reef Grill and the dining area is as casual as you want. The Owner seems like he is at the restaurant all the time and other than the wait, I don't think I can remember anyone that has had anything but a positive review. Located just to the north of the intersection of US1 and Ocean Drive - 12846 US Highway 1 - Juno Beach


Kee Grill has to take the second spot for seafood and if you are looking for great seafood with a more formal ambiance this is the place to be.  I don't think you can go wrong with any of the selections from Tuna to their seafood plater.  The Ke'e Grill shares the long lines to get served during the season. The restaurant is located just east of the intersection of US Highway 1 and Donald Ross Rd. - 14020 US Highway 1 - (561) 776-1167


Other Fine Dining establishments include:

Classico's Italian Cuisine - Is the place to go in Juno Beach for Italian.  Located in the Loggerhead Plaza on US Hwy 1. - 14131 US Highway One - (561) 622-9772

French Connection - A popular local restaurant - not to be confused with a "French restaurant" located beside the Reef Grill on Ocean Dr.-  12850 US Highway 1 - (561) 626-2262

Juno Beach Fish House has consistently good seafood at reasonable prices. Located on the southeast corner of US Hwy 1 and Donald Ross Rd. - 13980 US Highway One - (561) 626-2636

The Hurricane Cafe gets great reviews from Zagot and the local papers - I find myself suprised that I have yet to eat there.  I guess, I have a new task for the coming week.  It has a great reputation as a lunch spot with my colleagues and I always see a great crowd their for Breakfast.  Located on the north east side of the US Hwy 1 and Donald Ross intersection. - 14050 US Highway One - (561) 630-2012

Looking for a night out on the Town - Our local Taverns are all great.

Thirsty Turtle Sea Grill is perhaps the signature restaurant for Juno Beach.  With a full menu from seafood to steaks and everything in between.  If you are looking for someone in Juno Beach - this is the place to find them...almost everyone that I know in Juno eats at the Thirsty Turtle on a regular basis. The Wings are one of the local favorites and my personal choice is their Blackened Dolphin sandwich. Located just west of the Intersection of US Highway 1 and Donald Ross Rd. - 13981 US Highway 1 - (561) 627-8991

Kirby's Pub is the newest tavern in Juno Beach.  It is one of my neighbors favorites, perhaps because it is usually not as crowded as the Thirsty Turtle. I rate average on the food - but usually excellent on the service.  Located just north west of the intersection of US Highway 1 and Donald Ross. - 841 Donald Ross Road - (561) 627-8000

Looking for a breakfast spot? 

Juno Beach Cafe another restaurant located on the southwest corner of US Hwy 1 and Donald Ross Rd.  It is my favorite place for breakfast! - 13967 US Highway One - (561) 622-1533

Oops - I forgot to include Dunkin Donuts also located at the US Hwy 1 and Donald Ross intersection in the Plaza La Mer. - 803 Donald Ross Rd. - (561) 624-0103

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat we have several spots to stop on your way to the Beach.

Blimpie Sub Shop is located in the Plaza La Mer on Donald Ross Rd. - 803 Donald Ross Road -(561) 630-5047

Subway is just to the south of Juno Beach on US Hwy 1, look on the east side of US Hwy 1 across from the Burger King and West Marine. - 14731 US Highway One (561) 775-8835

And we should never leave PIZZA off the list :)

The County Line (Pizza) another local favorite.  County Line Pizza is located in the Plaza La Mer on US Hwy 1. - 875 Donald Ross Road - call them at (561) 626-3662

Picasso's Pizza is one of Juno's pizza and sub shop. located in the Seminole Plaza. Call for delivery.  13205 US Highway One - (561) 624-0004

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